Customizing your Application with User Controls

User controls are an easy way to customize your web application and for code reuse. With the user controls you can combine different controls that exist, like the html server controls, web server controls, and the validation controls. You can combine these to even create a complex control which can be easily used in your web page.

For example if you are going to use a group of text boxes, drop down control, text area, and a button to collect some information from the user of your web application, you can do so by creating a user control that has all these controls in it.

By creating such a user control, you will be easily adding this control to any of your web page in your application whenever you need.

You can add properties, and events to the controls used in the user control and even manipulate the appearance of the controls. You can even use the CSS for that purpose.

All you have to do is to simply use the @register tag at the top of the page to register the user control and start using it in the page.